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Helping middle management in the hospitality and casino industry | A course by Michelle Pascoe
Michelle  Pascoe
Michelle Pascoe
Customer & Team Retention Specialist

About the instructor

Michelle Pascoe lives and breathes her passion for customer service, mystery shopping and team motivation. She is an experienced businesswoman and specialist in every aspect of service operations and processes, and their impact on the customer experience. 

In 1994 she founded one of Australia’s most respected training companies, Optimum Operating Procedures and Services Pty Ltd (OOPS). Now a thriving provider of mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, competitor audits and staff training and development, Michelle has applied the very tips and techniques that she presents on in achieving her own business success.

As an international Certified Speaking Professional, one of only 80 in Australia, accredited trainer and assessor, Michelle combines her extensive experience and specialist knowledge with an absolute commitment to igniting the potential in each and every individual so they can achieve outstanding results.

Her program participants – from across the registered club industry, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, real estate, automotive, SME and professional services sectors – walk away from her presentations feeling inspired, educated and equipped to deliver outstanding service experiences.

Michelle is the "Retention Specialist" providing unparalleled training and leadership development to ensure a VIP experience.


Where are you on the ladder of life when it comes to your career goals and aspirations? As a leader, what keeps you awake at night? Is it the realisation that your team doesn’t share the same enthusiasm and focus as you do when it comes to meeting the needs of the business and going beyond the expectations of your guests? Are you wondering how you can have your leadership team on the same page when it comes to outcomes, discipline and communication? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a unified team?

Middle Management Movement is based on values-infused leadership, providing proven tips and strategies to becoming the leader you wish to be. It’s not all about you working through it alone, as we are establishing a community of like minded people, sharing ideas, asking questions and providing answers in a fortnightly Q&A session. I look forward to welcoming you and working through the content together.

All upcoming course material can be viewed at the Content Outline. For more information please read through some Frequently Asked Questions, and if there's anything else I can help with, don't hesitate to contact me!

- Michelle Pascoe

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