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Middle Management Movement

As a leader, you are sending a message to everyone about what you value in the way you behave. Middle Management Movement is more than just an online course; it is content & resource-rich, with a community based on values infused leadership.

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Handbag of Life

Mapping your Business and Life Journey using the analogy of the Handbag. After 25 years in business I have put together this course for you to unlock your potential. You have a CHOICE be the person you want to be in life and in business.

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What does leadership mean to you?

Thinking about your current role, lets's focus on what leadership means to you?

Understand how to move from 'Buddy' to Boss

When frontline staff move up the ranks there is little guidance from being one of the team to leading and managing the same team. I am here to show you how you successfully move from Buddy to Boss.

Personal Growth and Professional Development

Understanding that lifelong learning is the key to personal growth and professional development. Here we will focus on how to keep motivated in your leadership role.

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